Estate Planning

Every Adult Needs a Health Care Proxy and a Durable Power of Attorney

estate planning
It is a common thought that estate planning is what one does only to preserve assets and to distribute assets to loved one's upon the planner's departure from this earth. So often no thought is given to the planning for one's own incapacity during life. None of us like to think about our own frailties or the possibility that we may live a very long time in varying degrees of incapacity. No matter your age, the time to plan is now, right now, while you are healthy and reading this paragraph. Planning for your life may prove more important than planning the distribution of your assets after your demise!

A Health Care Proxy as well as a Durable Power of Attorney are important planning tools for individuals designed to be used during your life, not upon your death. In fact, these documents cease to be effective upon your death. A Last Will and Testament is the tool used to dispose of your assets upon your death.


Fees includes client conference and reasonably necessary telephone calls, drafting, revision and finalization of the documents, the execution ceremony for the documents (including notarization).

Last Will and Testament $ 350

Health Care Proxy $ 100

Durable Power of Attorney $ 250

Homestead Declaration $ 75*
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*Recording Fee of $35 payable to Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

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